My New Etsy Shop

You might recall from a previous post that I mentioned I would probably start up an Etsy shop. I finally got around to posting a few items there. I have a few hand-knitted/crocheted scarves and a whole bunch of tooth fairy pillows crafted from leftover fabrics from my daughter’s June wedding. These would make great gifts for any five- or six-year-olds you might happen to know. I also just bought some fresh fabric to make other ones eventually. So, if you like to cruise around on Etsy and need another shop to favorite, I’d appreciate a look and a share with your friends. The holidays are just around the corner! Or maybe you want to buy some of my granola, ready-made. Here’s a link to the shop:

Elegant Sufficiencies


“Delightful Handcrafted Treasures”



I’ve written a rather detailed history about the shop, which you are welcome to read there. Since our wedding photographer’s name is attached to the photo, here’s a link to her website: Kate the Photographer. (OMG, there are photos of me on her homepage! Kate is awesome!) Here’s a photo of the wedding dress that started all of this crazy Etsy stuff:

Wedding Photographer Kate Livingston

Wedding Photographer Kate Livingston

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