My Second Cookbook

This also has a long (tentative) title:

The Fat Outburst (How I Lost My Gallbladder and Found a New Way to Deal with Dieting) 

Here is the blurb for this one:

Part memoir, part diet plan, and part cookbook, The Fat Outburst (How I Lost My Gallbladder and Found a New Way to Deal with Dieting) is a sometimes sad and sometimes sarcastic examination of one devoted foodie’s journey to a healthier weight.  After an emergency gallbladder removal, Astrid Tuttle Winegar suddenly had a dieting epiphany and eventually developed a realistic plan for dealing with real world food and drink situations.  She lays out a 28-day example of her strict regimen as well as some easy recipes, lots of pep talk, and snarky cultural commentary.  The Fat Outburst is a refreshingly honest look at the obesity problem in America, told by a woman who perpetually lives with the struggle to lose and maintain a healthy weight, especially when she visits restaurants, grocery stores, and even her kitchen pantry…

This is currently in limbo, which is another word for New York.

So, this page is sort of a teaser and I’m hopeful I will eventually add information to this page.

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